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La Paloma Test Seeds (2 Seeds)

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Enjoy these seeds on us! Just pay shipping ($10) 

Our goal is to get the masses growing their own Cannabis and we want your first pair to be on us!

These beans contain gentic dna from three strains! 

Neville's Haze x ? x Jamaican Pink 

These are regular seeds meaning you don't know whether they will be male or female!

Join us in growing this strain together in our discord where we will have our first growerthon! We will germinate the seeds on the same exact date, provide updates to our community, and harvest together! It's always funner to grow together! The winner of the growerthon will receive the following!

1) Special Edition Jacket

2) Exclusive Genetics

3) $100 cash prize


The grower will be judge on the following merits

1) Yield

2) Lowest Price Per Gram

3) Best Overall Look


In the case that you you get no females, we will judge you based on your male plant. 

1) Amount of pollen collected

2) Overall Look



Customer Reviews

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I received em. Plus sticker 😳 🤩

Havnt started seeds yet. Ty for the extra seed! Cant wait to start it off in a 3-5 gallon

Never Recieved

I never recieved anything, I've never had a missing package before and live in a decent neighborhood. I'm home 24/7 with this Lockdown. Maybe it got tossed or lost in the mail. No fault to Official Leaf... I believe it was postal error.


La Paloma Test Seeds (2 Seeds)


Order arrived earlier then expected in great shape !!
And custom service was great 👍


Haven’t started them yet but can’t wait too.. thank you for this opportunity and I will be visiting your store again very soon.